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Gender Studies 186B / History 187B: Global Feminism, 1850 to Present (Spring 2016)

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Catalogs: Search for Books

There are a number of library catalogs available to UCLA researchers. For further information on the catalogs and what they each contain, check out the Books tab in this guide.

Major Primary Source Portals

These portals contain a range of primary sources related to social movements, as well as some secondary texts. See also the "Primary Sources" tabs for more databases.

Get Started Quickly: Major Databases

These online sources are good places to start searching for secondary articles related to gender, feminism, and history. For quick reference, hold your mouse over a link for a brief description of the resource.

For more suggested sources, go to the tabs on the left-hand side of this page.


Diana King
UCLA Arts Library
1400 Public Affairs Bldg.


Nina Mamikunian

General Reference

Research assistance in the social sciences and humanities is available at the Charles E. Young Research Library. See Reference and Research Help for complete reference service options.

Useful Websites

While websites should not serve as a major source for scholarship in your papers, these metasites and online bibliographies can help get you started with certain topics.