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Key Web Resources

Management and Policy: Issues and Practices

Federal Government Regulation of Health Care

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Estimates of the Effect on the Prevalence of Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage (U.S. Government Accountability Office, July 2012 - GAO Report GAO-12-768)

"The five studies GAO reviewed that used microsimulation models to estimate the effects of the PPACA on employer-sponsored coverage generally predicted little change in prevalence in the near term, while results of employer surveys varied more widely. The five microsimulation study estimates ranged from a net decrease of 2.5 percent to a net increase of 2.7 percent in the total number of individuals with employer-sponsored coverage within the first 2 years of implementation of key PPACA provisions, affecting up to about 4 million individuals."

Estimates for the Insurance Coverage Provisions of the Affordable Care Act, Updated for the Recent Supreme Court Decision (Congressional Budget Office, July 2012)
"CBO and JCT now estimate that the insurance coverage provisions of the ACA will have a net cost of $1,168 billion over the 2012–2022 period — compared with $1,252 billion projected in March 2012 for that 11-year period—for a net reduction of $84 billion. (Those figures do not include the budgetary impact of other provisions of the ACA, which in the aggregate reduce budget deficits.) The projected net savings to the federal government resulting from the Supreme Court’s decision arise because the reductions in spending from lower Medicaid enrollment are expected to more than offset the increase in costs from greater participation in the exchanges. That outcome is projected to occur despite the fact that the government’s average additional costs per person in the exchanges will be greater than its average savings per person for those who, as a result of the Court’s ruling, will not enroll in Medicaid."

Identify Industry Codes for Health Care and Related Industries

Company Information

How California Hospitals Generate Patients' Bills

California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development - Healthcare Information Division - Annual Financial Data - Hospital Chargemasters

Hospital Charge Description Master Files, 2005-2011

"A hospital charge description master, also known as a chargemaster or CDM, contains the prices of all services, goods, and procedures for which a separate charge exists. It is used to generate a patient's bill. As required by the Payers' Bill of Rights, each hospital is required to submit a copy of its chargemaster, a list of average charges for 25 common outpatient procedures, and the estimated percentage change in gross revenue due to price changes each July 1.

"It is important to note that the State of California does not currently possess the authority to set or limit the prices that are included on the submitted hospital chargemasters. Furthermore, the submitted chargemasters are reviewed for compliance with the statutes specified below, and a full audit of this information is not performed. Therefore, the Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development (OSHPD) is not able to provide an assessment on the accuracy of the submitted information and is not responsible for this information in any manner. The responsibility for any of the submitted data provided regarding the chargemasters rests with hospital management."

Hospital Fair Pricing Policies

"AB 774 (Chapter 755, Statutes of 2006) established Hospital Fair Pricing Policies effective January 1, 2007. This legislation requires each licensed general acute care hospital, psychiatric acute hospital, and special hospital to increase public awareness of the availability of charity care, payment discounts, and government-sponsored health insurance; and to standardize its billing and collections procedures."

Industry Information

Market Research Reports (Packaged, "Off-the-Shelf" Reports)