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Flash Exhibits in Library Special Collections

The UCLA Library Special Collections Flash Exhibit Program features in-house exhibits that are typically on display for less than two weeks.

Memory Serves: The Japanese American Research Project - On Exhibit: June 5-June 17, 2017

Flash exhibit by Gaku Uchino

Image of flash exhibit case of Japanese American Research Project re Nisei

The Japanese American Research Project (JARP) was founded in 1960 by Shigeo Wakamatsu, President of the Japanese American Citizens League. The initial three objectives of this project were to conduct intergenerational surveys, publicize Japanese American history, and collect historical community documentation.

The collection consists of extensive materials related to first, second, and third generation Japanese Americans between 1893 and 1973. This collection contains individual and family papers, hundreds of oral history tapes, records of Japanese associations, surveys, photographs, art work, and publications. These materials are available at UCLA Library Special Collections as part of the Yuji Ichioka Japanese American Research Project Collection of Material about Japanese in the United States (Collection 2010)

Oil painting of Topaz Internment Camp 1945

Oil painting of Topaz internment camp (1945)Watercolor painting of Heart Mountain

 Watercolor of Heart Mountain internment camp (1942)

Copy of Nisei in Uniform

Nisei in Uniform

U.S. government transcripts concerning Japanese American loyalty (1942)

U.S. government transcripts concerning Japanese American loyalty (1942)