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Flash Exhibits in Library Special Collections

The UCLA Library Special Collections Flash Exhibit Program features in-house exhibits that are typically on display for less than two weeks.

Anatomy of a UCLA Library Special Collections Instagram Post - On Exhibit: September 14-24, 2016

Hashtags of the World, Unite!

by Neil Hodge and Caroline Cubé

In recent months, our Instagram account has been lighting up with posts that expose our materials to an audience they would likely not otherwise reach. Curators from libraries, archives, and museums across the globe are realizing that IG is a platform uniquely capable of reaching a receptive audience for our cherished materials.

The # is integral to an item’s virality as a digital object. Each # functions as a virtual gateway, allowing patrons who are #-specific followers to discover items tagged with their interests. Never do we limit ourselves to a single # for any given object. Instead, a cluster of #s assigned to an item provides users with different avenues of exploration. 

A certain book’s #foreedges may be #gauffered for decorative purposes. Or, perhaps, an archival print is the result of a #silvergelatin process. The same item may also be tagged with #Gershwin, so any Gershwin fans who will not have been exposed to fore edges that have been gauffered will now be thus exposed.

Days of the week --- as used by #LibrariesOfInstagram --- carry different alliterative themes, e.g., #MiniatureMonday, #WatermarkWednesday, and #EndOfTheWeekEndpapers

This Flash Exhibit features materials that have been hashtagged on our LSC IG account by Neil Hodge.

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Anatomy of a UCLA Library Special Collections Instagram Post - On Exhibit: September 5-13, 2016

How a 1953 Negative from The Los Angeles Times Photographic Archive was revived as a 2016 Digital Object

by Neil Hodge and Caroline Cubé

This is the first of two Flash Exhibits that features materials that have been posted on our LSC Instagram account (curated by Neil Hodge).

The following iterations of the image are being exhibited:

  • the original 1953 negative
  • a facsimile of part of the 1953 Los Angeles Times page 
  • an 11x14 modern archival print, digitally edited in-house, which was selected as the signature image for the LA as Subject’s “History Keepers: Traversing Los Angeles” exhibit
  • a flyer announcing the “History Keepers” exhibit
  • and finally, our Instagram post as it appears on a mobile phone and tablet