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Flash Exhibits in Library Special Collections

The UCLA Library Special Collections Flash Exhibit Program features in-house exhibits that are typically on display for less than two weeks.

3-D Pinocchio: Puppets and Pop-Ups in Special Collections - On Exhibit: October 17-22, 2016

A collaborative exhibit by Octavio Olvera and Jane Carpenter

The pop-up editions of Pinocchio and the Pinocchio toys are part of Collection 943, which contains correspondence, manuscripts, original pictures, photographs and ephemera relating to Pinocchio, collected by Chicago movie theater entrepreneur Bert B. Barry, probably the largest private collector of Pinocchio in the United States. According to Richard Wunderlich in Pinocchio goes postmodern: perils of a puppet in the United States (New York: Routledge, 2002), Barry began collecting in the 1920s, and by 1940 owned well over 300 editions, including the largest collection and widest variety of foreign language editions.  UCLA purchased virtually all of Barry's collection in 1961.