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This guide provides information and background documents for LAUC-LA Committees to carry out their charges. For a committee’s charge and roster, click that committee tab and a drop-down menu will lead to the procedures and documents for each committee.

Grants Guidelines

LAUC STATEWIDE: (3 Types) Research, Presentation & Mini-Grants

Please see the LAUC Statewide website for complete information and documents on LAUC Statewide Grants.
The following is an abridged version of the guidelines.



1.  Research Grants (maximum award: $5,000) are awarded for research in library and information science, including the dissemination of information, on advancement in knowledge within the broad definition of these fields, on the profession of librarianship, or on subject specialties for which the applicant is highly qualified and which would result in the advancement of knowledge in general.

2. Presentation Grants (maximum award: $600) are awarded specifically to fund the cost of presenting completed research. These costs include (but are not limited to) printing and travel expenses associated with presenting a paper or poster based on the librarian’s professional research.

3. Mini-Grants (maximum award: $500) are designed as an adjunct to the full-scale Research Grant program. As such, it is expected that awards may be used to assist librarians in the preparation of full-scale research proposals or that will assist them in bringing projects to completion (e.g., expenses for statisticians, printers, consultants, coverage of release time to complete final edits to a book, etc.).



LAUC Statewide Grants Proposals are accepted twice a year. The first available submission period is September 1-October 18, 2017. The second available submission period is January 20-February 17, 2018. All proposals should be submitted to the LAUC-LA R&PD Committee Chair.  Please note that one e-mail copy (with the required signatures) of your proposal must be submitted. The winning proposals will be awarded March 17, 2018.

A Research Grant proposal must contain:

  1.   Cover Sheet
  2.   Need for Research
  3.   Design and Methodology
  4.   Budget
  5.   Supplemental Budget Sheet
  6.   Personnel
  7.   Timetable for Completion

Grant applicants should read the Guidelines for LAUC Grants for complete information about the criteria. The Guidelines also contain an Application Checklist and access to all necessary forms.

A Mini Grant proposal or a Presentation Grant proposal does not require the formal application that Research Grants do. A simple letter of application is sufficient. However, applicants should read the Guidelines for LAUC Grants for complete information on information that is generally included in the letter.

Presentation Grant budgets must be based on the LAUC budget year of July 1-June 30. In other words, your funds must be spent in the same fiscal year as your application. The expenses may be incurred either before or after the application.

Funds awarded to Mini Grants may be spent in the year of the award or the following fiscal year, with no need to request any extension of the funding.

LAUC-LA: (1 TYPE) Mini-Grants

From LAUC-LA ...


Initiated in 1986 by LAUC-LA, the Mini Grants program is designed to encourage librarians to develop research ideas by awarding not more than $500 for each proposal. The LAUC-LA Mini Grants program is separate from the Statewide LAUC grants (Research, Presentation and Mini-Grants), though the criteria are similar. LAUC-LA Mini Grant applications are reviewed and administered locally, and are accepted and approved throughout the year, funds permitting.


I. Goal: To encourage and support UCLA librarians' research by providing competitive monetary awards of not more than $500 each.

II. Program Description: The program is designed in part as an adjunct to the statewide research grants program. As such, it is expected that awards may be used to assist librarians in the preparation of full-scale research proposals. Examples of research proposal preparation expenses include, but are not limited to:  Research assistance, consultant services, photocopying, and software licensing or purchases. The LAUC-LA Committee on Research and Professional Development will also consider proposals that assist librarians in bringing projects to completion. Examples of expenses that bring projects to completion include, but are not limited to:  Data analysis, manuscript preparation, and costs associated with the dissemination of research results via conference presentation and posters. Mini Grants will be considered for projects related to librarianship and information science, and a librarian's area of expertise. Generally, these projects would be of a type and nature appropriate for inclusion under the category of Research and Other Creative Activity in the review criteria for the University of California Librarians’ Series.

III. Application and Review Procedures: The applicant completes a LAUC-LA Mini Grant Application Form and submits it to the Chair of the R&PD Committee ** describing the nature and purpose of the work being proposed, a description of the estimated timeline, and an estimated cost. The application may be accompanied by a letter to the Committee. The final date for submitting proposals is June 1, 2018. Proposals will be considered by the Committee, and a decision will be communicated in writing to the applicants.  Recipients must spend their awards by June 30, 2019. Depending upon the number of applications and funding available, it is possible that not all Mini-Grant Proposals will be funded.

** Please note that you will need to submit BOTH one paper copy (with the required signatures) AND an email copy of your Proposal to Amanda Mack (, 2017/18 Chair of the LAUC-LA Committee on R&PD.

If you have any questions about the process or would like someone to help with your proposal, you may contact any member of the LAUC-LA R&PD Committee:

Amanda Mack, Chair (2018)
Tomoko Bialock (2019)

Rachel Green (2019)
Callie Holmes (2019)
Diana King (2018)


Administering Grants

In the early planning stages or during the application process?

  • Contact Judy Consales, Chair of LORA (Library Office of Research Administration), at or x5-5781 to discuss procedures.
  • LAUC Statewide and LAUC-LA grants are administered by Allison Imamura (