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This guide provides information and background documents for LAUC-LA Committees to carry out their charges. For a committee’s charge and roster, click that committee tab and a drop-down menu will lead to the procedures and documents for each committee.

Election Calendar

LAUC Statewide election calendar dictates the dates for the LAUC-LA elections.

2016-17 LAUC-Systemwide Election Calendar:

September 23, 2016 (Friday): President appoints Nominating Committee.

March 17, 2017 (Friday): (at least 65 days before the election) Nominating Committee Chair submits slate of nominees in writing (e-mail) with their written consent and biographies, to the Secretary.

March 31, 2017 (Friday): (at least 55 days before the election) Secretary submits slate of nominees in writing (e-mail) to each Divisional Chair, including a notice of the election data and notice that additional nominations may be submitted by members.

April 21, 2017 (Friday): (at least 40 days before the election) Secretary receives such additional nominations, accompanied by written consent and biographies of nominees.

April 28, 2017 (Friday): (before May 1) Divisions appoint Divisional Election Committees.

May 1, 2017 (Monday): (at least 30 days before the election) Secretary sends biographies of nominees to each Divisional Secretary. The notice shall state the election date, which is the date by which the ballots must be returned to the Divisional Election Committee chair.

May 22, 2017 (Monday): (at least 14 days before the election) Division sends to each eligible voter in its Division a ballot and biographies of nominees.

June 9, 2017 (Friday): Election Day: last day to cast a ballot

June 17, 2017: (no more than 10 days after the election) Divisional Secretaries submit results of the election in writing (e-mail) to the Secretary. Secretary compiles results of the election from the divisional reports.

June 28, 2017 (Wednesday): (no more than 20 days after the election) Secretary notifies the President, the Vice President (President-Elect), the Divisional Chairs, and all nominees of the results of the election. Elected officers take office September 1, 2017.


Election Committee
Committee Charge

General Charge:

The Committee is charged with fulfilling its standing Charge as stated in Article VI. Section 12 of the LAUC-LA Bylaws:

a. The Executive Board shall appoint an Election Committee and designate its Chair. The Committee shall be composed of three members, none of whom shall be nominees in that election.

b. The Committee shall conduct elections as specified in Standing Rule 1.


Add and update committee documentation to the LAUC-LA Procedures Manual. Include both current practices and procedures as well as relevant documents, flyers, reports, etc., and documents from past years, when available and relevant. Make a recommendation about how and where to archive internal documents that are sensitive in nature, such as detailed election results. [Note: See if this was done for 2015-16.]

2017 LAUC-LA Election Calendar

2017 LAUC-LA
Election Calendar

(as reviewed by the LAUC-LA Chair and approved on [date]; revised [date])

April 12, 2017 (Wednesday)

LAUC-LA Spring Membership Meeting

Presentation of slate by the Chair of the Nominating Committee

Call for additional nominations from the floor by LAUC-LA Chair 

May 1, 2017 (Monday)

(on or before)

Candidates on slate submit biographical information to the LAUC-LA Secretary

Candidates on slate for Chair-Elect, Statewide Representative and Chair-Elect of CAPA submit a Statement of Purpose to the LAUC-LA Secretary

Candidates nominated at the LAUC-LA Spring Meeting submit biographical information to the LAUC-LA Secretary

Candidates nominated at the LAUC-LA Spring Meeting for Chair-Elect, Statewide Representative and Chair-Elect of CAPA submit a Statement of Purpose to the LAUC-LA Secretary.

LAUC-LA Secretary submits slate to chair of Election Committee 

May 22, 2017 (Monday)


Chair of the LAUC-LA Election Committee sends a ballot to each LAUC-LA member.

June 9, 2017 (Friday)

Election Day: Last day to cast a ballot

June 12, 2017 (Monday)

At least two members of the Election Committee obtain the results


June 13, 2017 (Tuesday)

(on or before)

Chair of the Election Committee submits in writing to the Chair and the Secretary the results of the election.


LAUC-LA Chair informs all candidates of the outcome of the election 


June 16, 2017 (Friday)

Secretary of LAUC-LA submits the results in writing to the Secretary of LAUC.

Secretary of LAUC-LA reports the results to the membership


June 19, 2017 (Monday)

(on or before) 

In case of ties in the election, the Executive Board directs the Election Committee to hold a special run-off election.



​Simon Lee, Chair
Maggie Hughes
Antonia Osuna-Garcia

To contact any of the committee members, go to the LAUC-LA Membership Roster on the Home page of this guide or the UCLA Directory.

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