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History 191-O: Art and Politics in Times of Crisis (Spring 2016)

Research guide for Professor Joes Segal's Art and Politics in Times of Crisis


Nina Mamikunian


This is the course guide for History 191O, Art and Politics in Times of Crisis.

Connecting from Off Campus

Most of the links on these pages go to subscription sources which are accessible from any computer on campus. All campus wireless networks (eduroam, UCLA_WIFI, or UCLA_WEB) provide access to online subscription content.

UCLA students, faculty, and staff can access these sites from off-campus using either the Bruin Online Proxy Server (a simple setting in your browser) or the UCLA VPN Client (a program you install on your computer). To set up an iPAD, follow the instructions for the iPhone. You can also get access through UCLA mobile.

[NOTE: If you are using a Mac, you may need to use Chrome or Firefox, not Safari, to read some of the pdf material.]

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Additional Research Guides

For more detail, including primary sources, consult the guides for specific countries or regions.

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