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English Composition 3: English Composition, Rhetoric, and Language

Multidisciplinary Databases

These databases are good starting places for contemporary and some historical writing in periodicals. They tend to be wide in scope, but not necessarily deep in coverage, particularly for articles in foreign languages.

Instructional Media Collections and Services

UCLA's central resource for the collection and maintenance of instructional media; collection of several thousand videotapes, laserdiscs, DVDs, CD-ROMs, films, and slide/tape modules as well as selected department, media labs, and study center collections

IMCS is administered by the Office of Instructional Development, and the collection is funded for instructional on-campus use. Although many holdings are also listed in the UCLA Library Catalog, researchers can search the more up to date IMCS catalog available directly from their website. Students must use these videos on site, although some will be available for streaming via course reserves.

Core Film and Television Studies Databases

These more specialized tools index journals core to the study of film and television, including more international and professional practice-focused journals and magazines.