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English Composition 3: English Composition, Rhetoric, and Language

Los Angeles-Specific Resources

These additional databases and collections will help you find resources related to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Newspapers

Newspapers are a good resource for seeing how issues were covered in the contemporary media. To get to the Los Angeles Times, click on the first link below. 

For ethnic newspapers, searching Ethnic NewsWatch: A History (see link below) will also get you a variety of articles, although the page images are not there—only the text.

Some newspapers, such as La opinión and Rafu Shimpo have not been digitized and you have to go to the Charles E. Young Research Library A-Level to read the microform.

Online Archive of California

The Online Archive of California lists the collections of universities, archives, and museums throughout California. These collections include rare manuscripts, collections of authors' letters and papers, and other unique materials illustrating California's heritage.

To browse materials related to Los Angeles, type "Los Angeles," a neighborhood name, or a landmark into the search box on the front page. Keep in mind that not all collections are digitized, though, and some may be far away.

Click here to start browsing or searching the collections!

Digital Collections

Below is a list of digital collections that contain images related to Los Angeles and Southern California culture, history, and geography.