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Design Media Arts

A basic research guide

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Game Design and Video Game Art

Theory and History

Relevant Subject Terms

Search the UCLA Library Catalog under the following Subject Headings to locate sources related to game design, games, and gaming:

Animation (Cinematography)
Board games
Card games
Cinematography --Special effects
Computer animation
Computer art
Computer games
Computer games --Design
Computer games --Programming
Computer graphics
Digital media --Design
Dice games
Digital art
Digital media
Educational games
Electronic games
Fantasy in art
Fantasy games
Graphical user interface
Human-computer interaction
Indoor games
Interactive multimedia
Internet games
Motion --Computer simulation
Multimedia systems --Design
Role playing
Television game shows
Television quiz shows
Video game characters
Video game characters --Design
Video game music
Video games
Video games --Authorship
Video games --Design
Video games for women
Video games in art
Video games industry
Virtual reality

Also try searching for specific games by name, followed by (Game), e.g.:

Monopoly (Game)
Dungeons and Dragons (Game)