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UCLA Library Cataloging & Metadata Center : Cataloging and Metadata Center | UCLA Library

Welcome to the UCLA Cataloging & Metadata Center

The UCLA Library Cataloging and Metadata Center is the main cataloging center in the UCLA Library system. It is primarily responsible for providing access to more than 90,000 titles annually including locally-digitized and curated materials, in various formats and languages, using various metadata schemas. In addition to providing access to tangible materials, this includes creating metadata in support of UCLA’s Digital Library Program. Members of the Center advise and consult with others on metadata issues.

The Center serves the cataloging needs of the Arts, Biomedical, College, Management, Music, Science & Engineering, and Young Research Libraries, as well as of eight small collections on campus.

The Center’s 12 FTE librarians and 22.5 FTE staff are organized into 7 teams: Data Integrity, Discovery, ERM & Continuing Resources, International, Knowledge Management, Metadata, and Subject Specialists. The Center is a member of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging and contributes to BIBCO, CONSER, NACO, and SACO.

Contact Information

Key Contacts in Cataloging & Metadata Center

Question Relates To

Person to Call/Email


Telephone (310)


Rush Processing
(monographic materials)
David Benitez 206-3927
Monographic materials workflow (all formats) David Benitez 206-3927


E-Resources Cataloging & Metadata Claudia Horning 825-4092
E-Resources: New titles to catalog  
Monographic original & copy cataloging  
Serials Cataloging Valerie Bross 825-1936


Authority Control
Physical Processing, Withdrawals Elaine Sakamoto 825-4135
Database Maintenance (addeds, transfers, editing, Ethnic Studies material, recon, COTF, etc.)
E-Resources: Maintenance  
Serial Bib Maintenance Valerie Bross 825-1936
SRLF Returns Elaine Sakamoto 825-4135


General policy, Miscellaneous John Riemer 825-2901

*General Cataloging Center Fax Number: 310-794-9357