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- Research Advice and Tools
Getting Started: Information Research Tips
by Miki Goral - Last Updated Oct 13, 2014
Introductory help in learning how to identify, locate, evaluate, and use information effectively and ethically for research assignments.
UC Libraries - Begin Research
by UCLA Library - Last Updated May 25, 2011
"Where do I start?" Do you have an assignment to write a research paper but you’re not sure where to start?
Advanced Research Methods
by Katalin Radics - Last Updated Oct 14, 2014
Research advice for upper division undergraduates and graduates in the social sciences and humanities.
by Courtney Hoffner - Last Updated Oct 15, 2014
Citing Sources
by Julia Glassman, Simon Lee - Last Updated Nov 18, 2014
Choosing and Using Library Databases
by UCLA Library - Last Updated Nov 3, 2014
Bruin Success with Less Stress
by UCLA Library - Last Updated Sep 23, 2014
Citizen Science
by Elizabeth Cheney - Last Updated Oct 15, 2014
Citizen Science (CS) represents a growing trend where volunteer non-scientists participate in data analysis for a scientific project. This guide introduces UCLA students, faculty, and staff to CS projects on campus and around the world.
Copyright for Creators
by Martin J. Brennan - Last Updated Nov 2, 2013
This guide is meant to supplement the library's "Copyright for Creators" session, offered at various times in the library and in conjunction with UCLA courses.
Data Management for the Sciences
by Tony Aponte, Vessela Ensberg, Bethany Myers - Last Updated Dec 4, 2014
A guide to best practices for management of research data, including links to data services from the University of California.
Data Visualization
by Zoe Borovsky - Last Updated Jul 30, 2014
Data Wednesdays
by Vessela Ensberg - Last Updated Jul 12, 2014
Resources to accompany courses taught as part of the research data management series "Data Wednesdays," the fourth Wednesday of each month from noon to 1 p.m. in the Biomedical Library.
EndNote and EndNote Online
by Gabriella Gray - Last Updated Nov 20, 2014
Impact Metrics and Scholarly Attribution
by Tony Aponte - Last Updated Nov 14, 2014
Discover your research impact, manage attribution of your research works, and search citations.
by Vessela Ensberg - Last Updated Oct 13, 2014
A guide to using Mendeley, a free reference manager, PDF organizer, and research social media site that allows you to organize papers, read and annotate your PDFs, and collaborate in private or open groups.
Mobile Apps and Sites for Health and Life Sciences
by Julie Kwan - Last Updated Nov 26, 2014
Library resources, apps tips and tricks, and tools for smartphones
Text Analysis and Visualization
by Zoe Borovsky - Last Updated Jul 30, 2014
Resources for workshops on text analysis and visualization
Text Encoding (TEI)
by Zoe Borovsky - Last Updated Jul 30, 2014
Wikipedia: Editing and Use
by Margarita Nafpaktitis - Last Updated Oct 21, 2014
Background information and basic tools for editing Wikipedia, as well as guidelines for when and how to use it in your research.
by Zoe Borovsky, Margarita Nafpaktitis, Joseph Yue - Last Updated Jul 22, 2014
A resource guide for using Zotero (an open-source, free bibliography management tool) at UCLA.