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Corporate body name change? (July 8, 2014)

Louise requested assistance from about a possible corporate body name change.  The name on the map appears as:
Platts McGraw Hill Financial

NARs are:  110 2_ Platts (Firm)
110 2_ McGraw-Hill Companies

Platts is still a division of the hierarchically superior body, so no change is needed to its name.
A cross reference will be made from:  410 2_ McGraw Hill Financial. $b Platts (Firm)

According to DCM Z1, 4XX, the best practice is: Establish additional NARs for the authorized access points needed to support elements used in 4XX variant access points (e.g. parent body associated with subordinate body being established). However, it is not required to so it.

Thanks go to Hien Nguyen and Paul Frank for their invaluable help.