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English Composition 2: Approaches to University Writing

Why Use Encyclopedias?

The library has thousands of subject encyclopedias, which can give you background information on your assignment topic. For instance, if you're writing a paper on George Washington and you're not satisfied with Wikipedia's information, you can search one of our American History encyclopedias. Plus, our encyclopedias have bibliographies that list books and articles you can cite in your paper!

Reference Universe

Use this search engine to search all of our encyclopedias at once! When you find one that looks good, click "locate book" to find out where that encyclopedia is on campus.

Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints is a series that collects different opinions on major social issues like immigration, politics, or abortion. To find an Opposing Viewpoints book for your topic:

1. Go to the Library Catalog.

2. In the search box, type "[your topic]" and "opposing viewpoints." Hit search.

3. If there's an Opposing Viewpoints book about your topic, it'll show up in the search results. If not, just search for "opposing viewpoints" without your topic and browse through the results to see if there's another that will work.

4. Click on the title and write down the call number and location of the book.

5. If you're not sure how to find the book, ask a librarian! You can go to the Powell Inq Desk or Powell Room 220 for help.