GE Cluster 26: Poverty and Health in Latin America

Poverty and Health in Latin America

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Scholarly v. Popular

Find Articles

Search these library databases for articles in scholarly journals, newspapers, and popular publications.

Where Do I Get the Full Text?

Can't find the article in full-text?  Look for these buttons.

PDF Full-Text will download the entire article:

Or, look for the UC-eLinks button:

UC-eLinks will point you to a database that has the article in full text:

If it's not available full text, you can request it from another library and they will email it to you:

To Google or Not to Google?

Google is one way to identify and locate materials relevant to your topic.  You must critically evaluate the content you find on the Internet to determine whether it is a worthy source. Beware of articles from content farms, like this one on puppy food. Google is useful for finding news articles, websites, blogs, trade association and government publications, and other materials freely available on the Web.

What Google will not give you, in most cases, is access to full-text articles in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. The UCLA Library subscribes to numerous electronic databases that provide you with access to these articles for your academic research.

You need to enter the databases from the UCLA Library's website in order to download the articles for free. You can also use Google Scholar to identify articles that UCLA owns (we can help you configure your settings to do this). Don't ever pay for an article online! Contact us and we will assist you in finding it.

Research or Review?

How can you tell the difference between a research article and a review article?

A research article:

  • Sums up an experiment the authors conducted themselves
  • Includes original data
  • Includes methodology and results sections

A review article:

  • Analyzes articles that have already been written
  • May have the word "review" in the title

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is another option to find scholarly articles.

Click on the "UC eLinks" button from your results to access the content full-text through the library. 

If you don't see the UC eLinks buttons, click on "Settings," then "Library Links" and select University of California, Los Angeles as your institution. 

Don't ever pay for an article! Ask a librarian for help.