GE Cluster 26: Poverty and Health in Latin America

Poverty and Health in Latin America

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Tips for Book Searching

When searching for books in the UCLA Library Catalog, here are a few strategies: 

  • Do a Keyword search using terms or phrases (put the phrases in "quotation marks")
  • If you already have a book or article on your topic, use its bibliography to find others on the same topic
  • If you have the title of a book you want, do a Title search
  • If you find a useful book, click on the Subject(s) to get a list of subject headings that will lead to other books on the same topic
  • Use ? to truncate a word, e.g., american? will retrieve american and americans

Trivia Question

Q: How many books does the UCLA Library own?

A: More than 11 million!

Find Books

Why do we have more than one catalog?

As a UCLA student, you have so many resources available to you that there are three catalogs to keep track of them all! Don't worry, though—finding what you need is simple once you learn the system.

The catalog you'll probably use most often is the UCLA Library Catalog. This catalog will point you to books, movies, journals, and other resources at the UCLA Library.

Melvyl is a catalog shared by the entire University of California library system. This means that if you search for something in Melvyl, you'll not only see where it's at in the UCLA Library, but at Berkeley, Irvine, and all the other campuses. If UCLA doesn't have something you need, you can have it sent from another campus by clicking the orange "request" button. Melvyl also searches articles, but we recommend you use an article database unless you know the exact title and author of an article.

Melvyl is the UC's portal into WorldCat, which is a gigantic catalog shared by thousands of libraries across the globe. When you search WorldCat, you can see all the public and university libraries that have an item.

How Do I Find a Library Book on the Shelf?

Once you've found a book you want, write down the call number and make a note of which library it is in.  Check the map to see where it is on the shelf.

         Location:                       YRL

  • Call Number:              HC130.P6 P677 2012
  • Number of Items:       1
  • Status:                        Not Checked Out

If Your Book Is in SRLF

If the book you want is located in SLRF (the Library's storage facility) you have two choices to retrieve it:

1.  Visit in person between 1-5 PM Monday - Friday.

2.  Request it to be delivered to a campus library convenient for you.  Requests usually take one day to fulfill and you will receive an email when the item is in.

For more details on finding, retrieving, and using items from SLRF, visit the SRLF webpage

If Your Book Is Checked Out

If your book is checked out, you can recall it and the library will hold it for you when it is returned.  

Check the due date on the book's record to see when it is likely to come back.  If the due date exceeds two weeks, the person who has the book will be notified to return the book in approximately two weeks (or face a fine).