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History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

Where to Start: Book Research

Searching library catalogs is the best place to start when looking for books. The links below are for searching the UCLA library catalog, which shows books held in UCLA libraries, and Melvyl, which shows books held in libraries worldwide. For a more complete search, use Melvyl first. If you don't like searching in catalogs you can browse the shelves of the Research Library, the Science and Engineering Library, or the Biomedical library using the call numbers below. Just be aware that there are also relevant books in our off-site storage facility, SRLF.

Browsing in the Collections

D- DX           History, General
E- F              History, America
G 149-570   Voyages
                      and Exploration
Q 124-144   History Science.
Q 174-175   Philosophy Science
QA 21-35     Math History
QB 15-44      Astronomy History
QC 6.9-19     Physics History
QD 11-31      Chemistry History
QE 11-26      Geology History
QH 11-45      Biology History
QK 15-45      Botany History
QL 15-45      Zoology History
QP 21-31      Physiology History
QR 21-41      Microbiology History
R                   Medicine, General
RA                Public Aspects
                    of Medicine
                 Technology, General

Online Catalogs

To find books in the UCLA Library and beyond, use the following catalogs:


University of California and beyond

Selected E-books

In general, searching for electronic books is the same process as searching for print books. Start with the catalog. However, we do have access to some e-book collections that make it easier to browse. I will add individual, open access e-books having to do with the history of science, technology, or medicine as I come across them. Please suggest titles to add!