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Anthropology 8: Archaeology: Introduction

Using the Web of Science to Find Related Articles

You can search for articles using the Web of Science using one of the following two methods:

Cited reference search (see who has cited the article in hand)

  • Review list of ‘Times Cited’

  • Review list of ‘related records’

  • Review list of authors’ references

Topic search (look for articles on your subject, for example: origins AND “modern human behavior”)

  • Evaluate search results for initial relevance then look more closely at article abstract and/or full text through UC-eLinks

  • Read abstracts and/or full-text carefully to make sure you get an APPROPRIATE article that allows you to answer the questions posed on the assignment sheet

Below is a citation from the Web of Science similar to those in your assignment:

Henshilwood, C. S., D’errico, F., Marean, C. W., Milo, R. G., & Yates, R. 2001. An early bone tool industry from the Middle Stone Age at Blombos Cave, South Africa: implications for the origins of modern human behavior, symbolism, and language. Journal of Human Evolution 41, 631-78.

Keywords: Bone tool, Middle Stone Age, origins, modern human behavior, (symbolism, language).