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Cluster M1: Food: A Lens For Environment and Sustainability

Finding an Article from a Works Cited Page

As you learned in Writing Assignment 0, you can use Web of Science's citation network to find articles from one article's works cited page, and additional articles that have cited the original article. If you can't find what you need in Web of Science, though, there are more ways to find the sources you need!

The UC Citation Linker will search UCLA's various databases and journals to find the article you're looking for.

Melvyl is also a good resource--just type part of the article's title and at least one author into the search bar.

Finding an Article that Cites An Article You Have

If you can't find articles that cite the article you're working with in Web of Science, Google Scholar also keeps track of citations. Just search for your article at, and look at the "cited by..." link underneath the abstract: