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Cluster M1: Food: A Lens For Environment and Sustainability

What is a Scholarly Article?

A scholarly article is written by scholars, for scholars. It's how researchers share new theories, the results of experiments, and other aspects of their work. This process is called scholarly communication.

Here are a few things to look for when searching for scholarly articles:

  • They're peer reviewed. This means that other researchers read an article and tell the editor of a journal whether or not to publish it.
  • They're not as flashy as magazine and newspaper articles. This means no gratuitous pictures, and very few ads.
  • They're often not available through Google. Many scholarly articles are copyrighted and only available in library databases.
  • You have free access to them! If you're having trouble finding an article, or it's asking you to pay, come talk to a librarian--we'll get it for you.

Article Databases

Searching for Articles

Start with a keyword search using words relevant to your topic. When you see some articles that look interesting, click on the title to see the complete citation. If there are subject terms, click on those that seem related to your topic to get other articles on the subject.

Is it peer reviewed?

Finding Full Text

Accessing Full Text Articles 

UC-eLinks icon is your friend! Many article databases only identify journal articles—they don't have the full text. Use the gold UC‑eLinks button to find the full text, or search for the journal title in the UCLA Library Catalog.