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Anthropology and Archaeology

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A Literature search

This presentation below was created for Anthro 191HA, an honors section for upper-level undergraduates at UCLA.

I taught two sessions requested by Prof. Linda Garro: January 14 and January 28, 2013.  

Main objectives:  Students should

1. Understand what is meant by a "literature search" and begin one for their proposed research topic.

2. Be able to find books and articles related to their topics.  They should learn how to use the UCLA catalog, and become familiar with the main databases used by Anthropology researchers.  

3. Use citation management software (Zotero) to track and manage their research process.  

4. Understand how this research guide is organized and how itcan help them organize their research and find relevant materials.  

5. Begin their assignment, a literature search of Web of Science database on their topic.   They will find a key reference on their topic, and create two bibliographies in Zotero: one with works cited (by the key article) and the other with works that cite their key reference.  

During the second session, we began a closer look at Boolean operators.  Each student formulated a query that they designed to find more relevant articles about their topic in Anthropology databases.  The class as a whole gave feedback on how to improve or "doctor" the query so that it would return results that were more relevant to the students' research project.