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Anthropology and Archaeology

How to Find and Evaluate Articles

The UCLA Library has access to thousands of periodicals (magazines, journals, newspapers--items that are published at intervals with no end in sight), most through subscription, though some are free.  These periodicals may be in print, online, or both. Online periodicals may be part of broader article databases.   Make sure you configure your computer for off-campus access to both licensed and unlicensed online resources.

Articles are great resources for research. Before beginning your research:

Finding Articles

If you already have the citation for a specific article, you may use the citation linker to find it within the Library's collections.  You may also find it by searching for the journal title in the UCLA Library Catalog. (See additional directions and information under Finding Journals below).

If you do not have a specific citation and want to find articles on your topic, the best way to do so is to search within article databases.  (See additional directions and information under Finding Databases below.)

Finding Journals

If you already know the name of the journal, search for it in the UCLA Library Catalog. Put the journal title in the search box and select Journal Title or Journal Title (Start of) in the dropdown menu. Skip any initial articles of the journal title (e.g., A, An, The). The record will give you the call number and location of print journals and/or provide links to the online version. If the UCLA Library does not own the journal, you may borrow it through interlibrary loan

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions.

TIP! Find selected titles of anthropology-specific journals in the Journals section of this research guide.

Finding Databases

The UCLA Library subscribes to hundreds of article databases.  To find the appropriate databases, go to the UCLA Library website. If you have a specific database in mind, go to the Search and Find menu, select Article Databases and type in the database name. Otherwise, search for databases by subject area.

Watch this video for instructions on selecting the appropriate databases.  You can also go to Find It! Articles to get a tutorial on finding and evaluating articles.

TIP! Find more information about searching for articles in databases, as well as information of useful databases for anthropology research, go to the Databases section of this research guide.

TIP! Make sure your computer is configured for off-campus access to both licensed and unlicensed online databases.