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Library Catalogs

UCLA Library Catalog

The UCLA Library Catalog is everything held (i.e. bought, licensed, subscribed to, acquired as gifts) by the UCLA Library. These materials include books, journals, magazines, DVDs and videos, manuscripts, microfilm, databases, and some web resources. The UCLA Catalog also includes cataloged materials for some related UCLA collections, including the English Reading Room, the Chicano Studies Research Center Library and Special Collections, and the LGBT Center Library.


Melvyl combines catalogs from all ten University of California campus libraries, including UCLA, as well as libraries worldwide. It also includes selected article indexing not available in traditional library catalogs.


OCLC's WorldCat has catalog records from libraries worldwide, particularly North America. Most materials in the UCLA Library Catalog and the University of California system's Melvyl Catalog should show up in WorldCat. For researchers in the Performing Arts, WorldCat can be a very useful place to locate popular press materials and other titles available in local public libraries.

Finding Book Chapters

Many books in the arts and humanities are edited volumes of essays by different authors, or they contain information on a number dramatists or productions. Library catalogs do not always reveal these contents easily, so the following tools can be used to help reveal relevant information in books.

Search Google Books

Selected Online Books